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November 2014

Nearly one year with our new profile

In January this year we presented our new webpage and profile. The talented designers Robert Dalen and Eric Rohter at Anti As in Bergen  helped us visualise and explain what we do for our clients and the importance of Intellectual Property.

Acapo is not a traditional law firm. In addition to our legal IP team, we also have patent attorneys and business development expertise in house.

The project “Acapo” is now competing for “The Award for Design Excellence”. This is the leading design award in Norway.

To present the project, Anti produced a video explaining  their thoughts behind our profile. The presentation can be seen here. 

It is best seen with the sound on!

We are delighted with Anti’s work and would happily recommend them to anyone.

We wish Anti the best of luck in the competition!

Hilde Vold-Burgess
Managing partner
Acapo AS